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Sunday School @ 8:45am

Sunday Gathering @ 10am

11 Sturbridge Rd

Holland, MA 01521



Holland Church History

In 1765, 18 years before the town of Holland was founded, a small local church was formed by a group of people who loved Jesus Christ and had a desire to reach their community with the gospel.

In 1783, Holland was incorporated but was not actually its own town. Rather, it was the East Parish of South Brimfield in the County of Hampshire. However, doing business in Brimfield central was extremely difficult due to mountainous roads. For that reason, the community in Holland desired to break off into their own settlement. In order to become their own town, they first had to meet all of their lawful expectations. One of the most crucial requirements was that "...any new town or settlement make provision for public worship".

The solution was for the Holland Congregational Church members to build a new building outside of Brimfield and begin worship in that new location. They did this in 1835. The following year Holland formally became its own town. That building stood for 23 years until an unfortunate Saturday, in April of 1858, when the church burned to the ground. Official reports state that by the time the fire was discovered nothing was able to be saved. Losses were estimated at a total of $2,000. By the mercy of God nobody was injured in the fire.

The members of Holland Congregational Church worked together to rebuild. By the grace of God, that sanctuary still stands and serves as our place of worship today.

Holland Congregational Church remains committed to the glory of God and reaching their community with the gospel. That community may look much different today, but the gospel never changes.